Katty’s Plumbing Arcadia helpful tips

Katty’s Plumbing Arcadia is a one solution plumbing shop. Other than plumbing works we guide our customer about the precaution they should take to prevent plumbing matters in changing seasons.

Plumbing tips FALL

Fall is an indication of severe winter conditions. It is better to take measure for the plumbing relayed troubles.

  • Firstly disconnect the water hose that is outside the house.
  • Outside faucet shouldn’t be leaking or dripping. This leaky water will freeze in the faucet.
  • Styrofoam faucet installation kit should be used to cover the outside faucet.
  • Call Katty’s Plumbing Arcadia  for the maintenance and service of water heater before the winter season.

Plumbing tips for holidays

As in holidays you through parties and number of guest increases in your home, please follow the following things you should follow

  • Kindly avoid putting cooking oils or fats in the drain because it clogged the pipes.
  • Never put stringy, fibrous and hard to grind food in the garbage disposal.
  • Remember! Run cold water for at least 15 seconds after and before using the garbage disposal.
  • Follow! The fall tips to prevent frozen pipes.

Summer plumbing guide

Summer is a season when you look for a new house. Following are the tips you should follow

  • Do check the toilet base for any sign of water damage that is black or white stains.
  • Rock back and forth on the toilet floor. Is it soft? If yes toilet floor is weakened or rotting.
  • Look for any leakage and lose tiles.
  • Check the water pressure by turning on the faucet. If it reduces means, there is any breakage in pipe or blockage in pipes.
  • Check for any rust on water heater means it will cause a problem shortly.
  • Important! Hire our home inspection services!